02 September 2011

29 August 2011

Aloha everyone.
   We had one of our more successful week. We have been working so hard the last 5 weeks or more and haven't seen any success. But as we always do we just keep working, and then all it takes is last week a member who saw an missionary opportunity came and got us and introduced us to his friend and invited him to meet with us this last week. As a result we had one of the most spiritual lessons. These are the moments that make the gospel worth it. When you teach someone who is so humble and is wanting to keep commitments. As of right now we have a baptismal date Sept 17, 2011. The Last Sunday for my companion Elder Davies. Just that lesson alone made all that hard work worth it. It seems to be that way with life. We seem to go through so much and then the blessing comes. Elder Davies always says, "live for the moments that make the gospel worth it." What a true statement.
  Thanks for all the support! 
    Love Elder Gardner