29 November 2010

29 November 2010

Aloha World,
I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! This week has been a very successful, and exciting week!
We visited a less active member who hadn't been to church for sense high school, and she's around her mid 50's now. But she let us in and we were able to find her needs and teach her to what she needed in her life at this moment. She could only remember very little about the church and so we started from the beginning. We really focused on the book of Mormon, praying to know if it's true, and then coming to church. After our 2nd visit toward the end of our lesson she asked us when church started. It was a very exciting moment as we were able to see her desire grow and feel the spirit. By the third visit she shared her experience of how she came to know the Book of Mormon is true, by sincere prayer. She tried her hardest to express her feeling of joy and comfort when she prayed as her eyes filled with tears. It was definitely a tender moment as we felt the love from our Heavenly Father.
What's even more exciting about this news and her desire to come to church is that she became the transportation for our investigator who couldn't get a ride. It's was amazing to see how the Lord provides a way.
Thanksgiving this week was Cherry! We had one thanksgiving dinner with Lesli who is the recent convert whom we baptized last month. She couldn't help but share her excitement with us the day before thanksgiving. On thanksgiving day we had 3 more feasts. One was at noon, then at 2:00...long nap... then later that night. As missionaries we had the day off. One of our members fed us lamb instead so that was cool. I'm pretty sure I haven't had lamb before.
For Church this last Sunday our bishop had us give 15 min talks to get the member motivated and excited about member missionary work. It was fantastic because we had the most people come to church then I've seen the whole time I've been in this area. The whole chapel was filled as 4 of our investigators came to church and 2 less active members whom we have been teaching. It couldn't of been a more full filling day!
Some thing I learn that is interesting is the Hawaii imports 85%-90% of there food for the people to eat!
Thanks for all your prayers and support. I love the letters.
Love, Elder Gardner

22 November 2010

22 November 2010

Aloha to the World,

First thing I wanted to share with all of you is Happy Thanksgiving. Especially being on a mission and seeing how lucky I am, and thankful I am for the things that I had in my life. The list can definitely go on and I'm sure all of yours can too. What a great Holiday to set a time to give thanks, and most importantly give thanks to the Lord.
Something interesting that I ate this week was rabbit. Sorry for all those who are rabbit lovers. But it actually tasted pretty good, a mix between beef and chicken.
This week we had what's called a mission tour where one of the General Authorities come and teach each zone to there needs. It's hard to explain what he taught us over email but I can tell you it was great inspiration. We've already put it into play and have seen results. Of course though, it's revelation from our Heavenly Father. The General Authorty and his wife who came were Elder & Sister Pipper. During this time it was next to the Kona temple so I was able to at least get to see it again and take some pictures.
For the Zone we had one big transfer where every companionship is broken up into different area's to build zone unity and learn from other missionaries. The zone leader Elder Condiff came with me as I stayed in my area. So I got to show him our area and how it is run. Although the coolest part is the Elder Condiff and I are the only 2 red heads in the mission and we were companions! (red heads United). It's always great to learn from other missionaries and see how they teach.
The most exciting thing that happened this week is the Laie Temple Dedication on Oahu. We were able to have it broadcasted to our chapel and I was able to be apart of it and see another temple dedication. Though this time it made a lot more sense as I was able to understand the meaning behind everything. Something I'll never forget.
That's about all the happened this week. I can't believe another week as gone by. The day's of the week just seem to blend together. But I can definitly see why everyone calls it the best two years. But rather I like to see it as the best two years for my life.

I love you all,
Elder Gardner

21 November 2010


Notice the cows and the farm land. This was his old truck.

Green Sands Beach, South ends of the Island

First companion, Flint and Bishop of the ward

15 November 2010

15 November 2010

Aloha Everyone,
This week has been a lot different compared to the rest. But it first started off on last P-day where we went to the Black Sand Beach in Punalu'u. I've never seen black sand before and plus there were sea turtles the size of a large dog. I guess I can compare it to that. We took a hidden trail that had been covered up by tree's. It once was a trail but it hasn't been taken care of in years. But in doing so we saw awesome views of the ocean while it crashed upon the rock soaring pretty high into the air. Then we saw a random tiki/idol in the rocks just chillin. Not going to lie, it was pretty freaky and we could tell the atmosphere changed. So...we took some pics and went on our way.

Later this week starting on Thursday till Saturday night we went to Weimea on the other side of the island. The Mission President, his wife, and the AP's had a special training. We were the last Island they came to where they were to teach us. It's the new training for all missionaries in the world. Each day it was from 8:00 - 3:00 as we had an intensive meeting/training. It's all about asking inspired questions to everyone we come in contact with, but mostly as we teach our investigators. To allow who we teach to teach themselves. Also so we can help them recognize the spirit and when they had felt the spirit in the past. It's absolutely amazing and I love it! Just in these last few day's I've seen the difference it makes. It will definitely enhance Preach My Gospel.

Sadly this week we lost the truck and instead we got a 2010 Toyota Corolla (white) But it's still an awesome car, so I can't be sad, though the truck was awesome.

It's funny how every time we go in public stores or places people always come up to us and ask us questions, like what Isle can I find the Pillows. Everyone thinks we work there so now we just go with it ha.

Today we went to the Volcano and saw the huge Crater as well as a huge lava tube! One had lights in it and the other we used our flashes from our camera's to light the way as it was pitch black. It's was some sight to see!

So that's the run down of how my mission is going along, I'm absolutely loving it and I'm loving my companion as well. We are indeed a good companionship! Thanks for all the support!

Love Elder Gardner!!!

08 November 2010

8 November 2010

Aloha Everyone!
Once again another week as flown by! This week was nothing to crazy, but there are a couple good stories to write. The first one is with my companion. He got bit by a centipede in the night and woke up with his big toe killing him. 2 day's passed and he could barley walk due to the poison and swelling. Luckily it has been raining a lot this week, but that results with choke centipedes in the pad. We found a ton of this week, and now I check my bed, clothes, shoes, etc inside and out cause I hate them ha, I even dream about them.
On this passed Tuesday we had dinner with a non-member who was interested in coming back and our lesson was so spiritual, he said from this time on he was going to stop with his addictions. Toward the end of the lesson we went to our car to grab a Book Of Mormon for him and I left the truck unlocked. Only a few mins later we left his house and I jumped in the car. I looked to my right and saw that the passenger door was wide open. My companion noticed the same thing and he hurried and jumped car and we looked in the back to see if someone was there. Luckily nothing was stolen, and my companion's camera was in the cup holder. So we must of just scared him away. Crazy though cause during the lesson, Loyd who we were teaching was wondering why his dogs were barking, but now we know why.
We found a new investigator and she committed to be baptized on Dec 4! That was very exciting.
I keep learning at a deeper understanding that questions are not only the best way to learn but to help others learn as well. Everything is changing for the way missionaries are to teach. We are to teach by inspired questions and are receiving training this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in wiamea.
I find tracking pretty fun, as we had walked to someones door they came out and started chewing us out and to get off his property. In the mean time it was as if someone was dropping buckets of water down for rain. So we walked out from his covering that protected us from the rain and then his wife came out. I thought she was going to calm her husband down, but I thought wrong she was worse and started calling the cops on her phone. I thought it was pretty funny and gave her a big loving smile and continued on in the rain.
The next day at church, Bro Aina the secretary pulled me aside and said that she called and wanted our information of where we live and our names so she could report us in. We busted up, saying if the cops wont even come out to do a drug bust what makes her think they come and talk to us. So it's been a pretty interesting week and I thoroughly love missionary work. I can't explain all the small and large things I'm learning. As I gain a life time of experience in these next two years.
Thank you for all your prayers and support!
Love Elder Gardner

01 November 2010

1 November 2010


Another very exciting week as already gone by. Time is going by so
fast, and I'm absolutly loving it out here in Ka'u!
Scripture of the week that I came across is Alma 7:23-24. This
scripture is who I want to be, and i know that as I live the gospel
that this is who I can be.
Everyday we have been doing the word of the day. A couple of them
are, Dabocle, Swick, Spectastic, and Cool Runnings.
I've ben reading a book about missionary tips, and one said to
rearrange the furniture while your companion is in the shower. So
that's just what I did, and he didn't even notice till companion
One of the members took us to the Shaka Bar & Restaurant, the most
southern-est bar in the U.S. So now I can say I ate at the most
southern-est restaurant.
Something crazy that happened this week was when we were driving
out of a place called Discovery Harbor. As we wer on the single windy
road out, my companion randomly went off the road half way in the
rocky dirt. At first I was confused until a truck can flying around
the blinde sided corner half way in our lane and just barley missed
our truck. Afterwards my companion and I was silent and then he said
that he felt strong inside to move off the road onto the side and slow
down. It was a pretty intense moment and a moment to look back on in
my life to remind me of my testimony of spiritual promptings. I liked
what my companion said after it happened too. He said, "I'm glad that
I'm living in such a way that I could recognize the spiritual
promptings and then to act upon them."
We found 2 new investigators, which is great for Ka'u and we
invited both to baptism after our frist lesson. Both said yes and one
is scheduled this Nov 20. The other has to get married which is the
biggest thing we run into. No one wants to get marriend, and yet they
have 3-4 kids, and have been living together for the last 20 years.
But we'll keep encouraging and promise them the blessing they will
recieve if doing so.
I've found out this week, the real importance of an effective
weekly plan and a daily plan. The more specific the better and the
more efficent the day is. It's been completly different now that I'm
the one in charge of the area and trying to teach my companion all
about the area. He keeps saying how unique the place is. And that when
I go to the city it will be completely different. I can already see how
sad I'm going to be when I have to leave. So I won't think about it.
I'll probably be here for 5-6 months sense my companion dies next
transfer (goes home) and then I'll have to introduce another elder
into the area and get him familiar with the place. So that's 6 months
right there.
Halloween was awesome, Saturday night was the ward party and we
were able to go and bond with the ward. Sunday night on the actual
halloween night we couldn't be out so we went to bishop's for dinner
and talked story for most the night got to hear more about his crazy
Thanks again for all of you that write me. I do enjoy them very much.

Love, Elder Gardner