15 November 2010

15 November 2010

Aloha Everyone,
This week has been a lot different compared to the rest. But it first started off on last P-day where we went to the Black Sand Beach in Punalu'u. I've never seen black sand before and plus there were sea turtles the size of a large dog. I guess I can compare it to that. We took a hidden trail that had been covered up by tree's. It once was a trail but it hasn't been taken care of in years. But in doing so we saw awesome views of the ocean while it crashed upon the rock soaring pretty high into the air. Then we saw a random tiki/idol in the rocks just chillin. Not going to lie, it was pretty freaky and we could tell the atmosphere changed. So...we took some pics and went on our way.

Later this week starting on Thursday till Saturday night we went to Weimea on the other side of the island. The Mission President, his wife, and the AP's had a special training. We were the last Island they came to where they were to teach us. It's the new training for all missionaries in the world. Each day it was from 8:00 - 3:00 as we had an intensive meeting/training. It's all about asking inspired questions to everyone we come in contact with, but mostly as we teach our investigators. To allow who we teach to teach themselves. Also so we can help them recognize the spirit and when they had felt the spirit in the past. It's absolutely amazing and I love it! Just in these last few day's I've seen the difference it makes. It will definitely enhance Preach My Gospel.

Sadly this week we lost the truck and instead we got a 2010 Toyota Corolla (white) But it's still an awesome car, so I can't be sad, though the truck was awesome.

It's funny how every time we go in public stores or places people always come up to us and ask us questions, like what Isle can I find the Pillows. Everyone thinks we work there so now we just go with it ha.

Today we went to the Volcano and saw the huge Crater as well as a huge lava tube! One had lights in it and the other we used our flashes from our camera's to light the way as it was pitch black. It's was some sight to see!

So that's the run down of how my mission is going along, I'm absolutely loving it and I'm loving my companion as well. We are indeed a good companionship! Thanks for all the support!

Love Elder Gardner!!!

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