01 November 2010

1 November 2010


Another very exciting week as already gone by. Time is going by so
fast, and I'm absolutly loving it out here in Ka'u!
Scripture of the week that I came across is Alma 7:23-24. This
scripture is who I want to be, and i know that as I live the gospel
that this is who I can be.
Everyday we have been doing the word of the day. A couple of them
are, Dabocle, Swick, Spectastic, and Cool Runnings.
I've ben reading a book about missionary tips, and one said to
rearrange the furniture while your companion is in the shower. So
that's just what I did, and he didn't even notice till companion
One of the members took us to the Shaka Bar & Restaurant, the most
southern-est bar in the U.S. So now I can say I ate at the most
southern-est restaurant.
Something crazy that happened this week was when we were driving
out of a place called Discovery Harbor. As we wer on the single windy
road out, my companion randomly went off the road half way in the
rocky dirt. At first I was confused until a truck can flying around
the blinde sided corner half way in our lane and just barley missed
our truck. Afterwards my companion and I was silent and then he said
that he felt strong inside to move off the road onto the side and slow
down. It was a pretty intense moment and a moment to look back on in
my life to remind me of my testimony of spiritual promptings. I liked
what my companion said after it happened too. He said, "I'm glad that
I'm living in such a way that I could recognize the spiritual
promptings and then to act upon them."
We found 2 new investigators, which is great for Ka'u and we
invited both to baptism after our frist lesson. Both said yes and one
is scheduled this Nov 20. The other has to get married which is the
biggest thing we run into. No one wants to get marriend, and yet they
have 3-4 kids, and have been living together for the last 20 years.
But we'll keep encouraging and promise them the blessing they will
recieve if doing so.
I've found out this week, the real importance of an effective
weekly plan and a daily plan. The more specific the better and the
more efficent the day is. It's been completly different now that I'm
the one in charge of the area and trying to teach my companion all
about the area. He keeps saying how unique the place is. And that when
I go to the city it will be completely different. I can already see how
sad I'm going to be when I have to leave. So I won't think about it.
I'll probably be here for 5-6 months sense my companion dies next
transfer (goes home) and then I'll have to introduce another elder
into the area and get him familiar with the place. So that's 6 months
right there.
Halloween was awesome, Saturday night was the ward party and we
were able to go and bond with the ward. Sunday night on the actual
halloween night we couldn't be out so we went to bishop's for dinner
and talked story for most the night got to hear more about his crazy
Thanks again for all of you that write me. I do enjoy them very much.

Love, Elder Gardner

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