26 October 2010

25 October 2010

Aloha Everyone,
So I got my new companion, Elder Killian, who has been out for 22 months. I couldn't ask for a better companion. He already has taught me many things. One thing that he shows by example is being what a missionary should be. He said that I pretty much have the best Pad in the mission so I've got the high life right now.
He's defiantly a hard worker, which is exactly who i wanted, to teach me how it needs to be done. One thing we do very well is having a open communication which is key to missionary work and companion unity.
He's from Arizona, and is a cowboy living on a ranch. He had 79,000 acers, I can't really grasp how much land that is.
My last companion left to Honolulu HI, the exact opposite of Ka'u. Elder Killian says talks a lot about how unique this area is and the difficulties it comes with it. But we are finding way's to find quality investigators, sense that is the hardest thing in Ka'u. Members are starting to trust us more and see the importance of missionary work. Hopefully in the future we'll see some more progress there.
Every morning now we run to bishop's house and throw on the weights. I starting to notice that the mirror is looking better each and every day!
Church yesterday was awesome. A member brought an investigator who had just moved in two days ago. I was planning to teach gospel principles and the lesson that week was on the law of chastity but i figured i should change it, due to a new investigator. It's awesome to see how the mission already has helped me. I would of normally panicked about what to do but instead I just made a new outline on teaching about prayer, and i was able to teach the full hour lesson. I know that it's not me who performs but i'm just a tool that can be used in God's hand.
I'm finally getting in the grove of missionary work and seeing it be apart of who I am where it become natural and to be able to recognize the spirit. I can't count how many times I remember things in my past that I share to people to build that testimony or help someone start there's
There's no doubt that this gospel is the same gospel christ established on earth. It has brought so many blessing in my life I will always be in gratitude to my father in heaven
Elder Gardner
So I tried shrimp for the first time! It was amazing

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