04 October 2010

4 October 2010


So this week was venturous as well. It started with another exchange within the district. Which is fun to get to see how others teach and there methods throughout the day. Still makes me grateful for my companion and how he teaches. It's helped me slow down, have pauses to allow the spirit to testify to them and think of inspired questions to let them teach themselves. After the exchange our district all stayed in our pad cause the next morning we drove to the Kona temple and was able to do a session there and witness a family whose dad/husband passed away and be sealed together. Hard to explain the feelings there. Kona is quite beautiful and saw one massive cruse ship too.
Occasionally we get a hold of a hard investigator, who's not progressing very well, his name is D.A.N. (Daily Afternoon Nap) He has many concerns, but after the temple and drive we got to teach him. The lesson might of gone a little to long, next time we'll invite him to baptism.
That night we went to a Filipino family, the Tiyamins. Known to serve crazy food but this time it wasn't to bad. But I didn't eat fish at all at home so when they put a whole fried fish on my plate with some rice, I just stared at it wondering how to eat it. my Samoan companion just went away at it so I just watched and learned. To my surprise it actually tasted pretty good, that was a testimony builder for the gift of tongues. Not with speaking but for tasting haha.
We are continuing to teach Lesli and we are still on track to have her baptized this Saturday! she couldn't be more prepared.
after her lesson though we got a referral of a man named bill so we finally found his house in ocean view and got to speak with him and here his situation. He's 45 and his wife just passed away august 8, he has 3 kids too. Not only that he has had kidney stones sense the beginning of august and is now able to get surgery to break them apart. Two days after the surgery he had to go back to work in Kona everyday. I don't know how people do it but God definitely had him run into the missionaries for a reason! He said to us that he's now trying to plan his life again to see where he wants to do. I really hope he opens his heart and hears the truthfulness of what he have to offer to him, and the comfort that comes with it.
Then what better way to end the week with General Conference. Now out being on a mission I've come to understand the importance of the it. For those who wonder why it is. It's because Thomas S. Monson and his apostles and general authorities are called of god to receive direct revelation especially our prophet to instruct us on what we need to hear now. That's what the B.O.M. is as well. The teachings of the prophets. You can imagine Christ himself on the stand when they are speaking. I'm come to see that, and see how important it is to read the magazine after conference. That it's scripture as well.
Alofa ia te oe

Love Elder Gardner

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