11 October 2010

11 October 2010


When I was in on of my lesson's with a recent convert, talking about the importance of Fasting and Faith, this phrase came into my mind, Higher the risk higher the Reward. Used a lot with stocks but I referred it with the lesson by saying Higher the Faith, Higher the Reward. I thought that goes very well with everything in life. So there is my thought of the day.
Every morning when I wake up now I practice the piano, since the church is 2 feet away I just walk over and practice so I can play at times for choir practice and for priesthood. I wish I would of practiced a little more at home ha ha.
When tracking this week we ran into Jehovah Witnesses. Both times you knew who they were just by the way they came to the door and talked to us. We couldn't help but laugh when they threw done there preachings to us and gave us all this stuff to read. I just sat back and watched with a smirk on my face. I see why bible bashing has no effect, there is no spirit there. But we proved them wrong over and over but whatever we just gave them a card to read with a free DVD and told them that "here's a picture of Christ, also known as Jehovah" then they go off again.
We Continued to teach Lesli this week. Every lesson was so strong, we all shared many experiences on how pray and scripture study really does bless us in everyday life.
But the most EXCITING NEWS is Lesli's Baptism this Saturday and her Confirmation on Sunday. Wow it was a total different experience, now that I see the importance of Baptism and why it is what it is that we are doing. She wanted me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and I thought that was cool sense I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost at my brother's Baptism. It's hard to explain how amazing the baptism was being my first one. But we had a great turn out and she is going to be a very strong member, I wouldn't be surprised if she is the Primary, Relif Society, or YW President in the future. It's been a privilege to see her progress and come closer to Christ, and now enter the gate of baptism on the straight and narrow path.
I'm getting the hang of the food now, I can pick the bones out of the fried fish a lot faster making it so when I eat it, its not cold ha. This week I had a lot of fish and I had Pigs feet twice. the flavor it's self wasn't that bad at all. Just the Slimy slippery texture was hard to swallow at times. Thank goodnes for lots of rice!
When Tracking one time, we had a funny experience as we always do. We saw this one house with kids out front riding there bikes and as we came to every door that came house they would yell every time. THERE NOT HOME! We laughed and then said well they want to talk to us, so when we went over they just ran away. It happened quite a few times. It was one of those you had to be there moment but, you can visulize it being pretty funny. Then the last house of the day when tracking we saw a bunch of older females watching TV. As we walked to the house all of them looked over at us through the door screen and all of a sudden you saw them all Book it out the back door and we saw them hop the fence and were gone. We busted up laughing and knocked on the door anyways. After 4-5 knocks someone came to the door, and we shared a message.
Donel came to church this week which was a huge step for him, and making commitments, he still is way indecisive, he wants to know everything about everything till he makes a choice. It's hard though cause he can't read, and his wife who is a member can't stop talking when we try to teach him. I think we have heard the same story 10-15 times but we still at times get our point to Donel.
The Garden is a task every week, this week we worked in it from 8 to 12. This week we will be harvesting it all up. It's more like a plantation!
It's so beautiful every morning and night to see the sun rise and set. Pictures can never grasp the beauty of it.
On suday we finally had a Ward Council after we had the Stake Presidency come and teach how Ward Council was to be done. Elder Salima had me conduct everything but it went over very well. We finally have all the auxillary leaders motivated and enthusiastic about missionary work. The hardest thing in this ward is the lack of fellowship but we are now making changes and progressing as a ward. We're starting from scratch and seeing a progression. I can't wait to see how things turn out in a few months.
This Sunday was 10-10-10!!! I thought it was way cool so for those who didn't see that, now you know :)

Elder Flint Gardner

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