02 October 2011

19 September 2011

Aloha Everyone,
    What a week it has been for Elder Davies and I. It couldn't of ended any better with one of the most spiritual baptisms I've ever been apart of. It has not just affected the now new member but the entire ward and all of her friends and family. I've never seen so many big tough boys be touched so strongly by the spirit. Almost the entire ward came together in support of the baptism and the desire to do missionary work spreading like a wild fire throughout the ward. Not to mention this weekend and is now the last week for Elder Davies as he now starts his new chapter in his life. Luckily I still have a year to go and hope to become the incredible missionary he has become who has influenced not only and entire ward as he has the last 6 months but all the islands of Hawaii. He has been an example to many, and I find myself quite fortunate to have been able to serve by him day after day the last 4 1/2 months! Just one of those people that enter into your life and leave an endless mark for the better. I know myself and the ward that he will be greatly missed and remembered in our hearts forever.
    Love, Elder Gardner

12 September 2011

Aloha everyone,
   What a week it has been for Elder Davies and I. It's hard for me to gather my thoughts on what to say each week cause i can't even remember what happened just a couple days ago. Everyday is pack with something that wasn't in our plans. I guess that's just preparing me for the future, at least that's what I hear from parents and families. 
    I never realized how much goes into the church and what the leadership has for responsibilities to take care of. I get them a lot more credit now as I've been working hand in hand with Bishops, Stake Presidents and Area Seventies. Would never have thought before my mission I'd be accounting with and Area Seventy. But besides the point, there really is a lot of sacrifice and love that is put into every activity, event, and just the weekly Sacrament meeting. Just a thought I was pondering about. The organization of the church blows me away. You know the church is true when you can get a 19-25 year old boy to get up at 5:00 a.m. Go to meetings and church till 2 in the afternoon and then get back to work the rest of the day. Testimony for sure.
    Zone Conference was this week! I never realized how much went into a zone conference especially when it's off island. There always a spiritual boost that keeps the fire going. Elder Davies and I trained on the importance of Following up on all commitments. So we did a demonstration by pulling up 2 Elders in front and gave both a waffle cone and a big scoop of Ice Cream symbolizing the commitment we gave then. Then 1 of the Elders we allowed them to eat there Ice cream because we followed up with them, while the other one we said all you could do is watch your Ice cream melt, not only that we got an advisory tool by blowing a heater on it because He will do all he can to prevent the work from progressing. It ended up being a good way to show everyone the importance of following up so they can enjoy ice cream, or the blessing that come from keeping there commitments. It was over all a great Zone conference as they always are. Can't believe that the next one will be for Christmas. 
    On the other hand we had an awesome week as out baptism date from Sept 17 is looking really solid! We're stoked, as Elder Davies will have his last baptism on his last weekend before he goes home with a super solid investigator who wants him to baptize her. What a way to end the mission with a bang! We're really looking forward for this coming Saturday.
   Thanks for everything, Love Elder Gardner!

30 September 2011

These are the pics that we took at the baptism! It was one to always remember!