08 November 2010

8 November 2010

Aloha Everyone!
Once again another week as flown by! This week was nothing to crazy, but there are a couple good stories to write. The first one is with my companion. He got bit by a centipede in the night and woke up with his big toe killing him. 2 day's passed and he could barley walk due to the poison and swelling. Luckily it has been raining a lot this week, but that results with choke centipedes in the pad. We found a ton of this week, and now I check my bed, clothes, shoes, etc inside and out cause I hate them ha, I even dream about them.
On this passed Tuesday we had dinner with a non-member who was interested in coming back and our lesson was so spiritual, he said from this time on he was going to stop with his addictions. Toward the end of the lesson we went to our car to grab a Book Of Mormon for him and I left the truck unlocked. Only a few mins later we left his house and I jumped in the car. I looked to my right and saw that the passenger door was wide open. My companion noticed the same thing and he hurried and jumped car and we looked in the back to see if someone was there. Luckily nothing was stolen, and my companion's camera was in the cup holder. So we must of just scared him away. Crazy though cause during the lesson, Loyd who we were teaching was wondering why his dogs were barking, but now we know why.
We found a new investigator and she committed to be baptized on Dec 4! That was very exciting.
I keep learning at a deeper understanding that questions are not only the best way to learn but to help others learn as well. Everything is changing for the way missionaries are to teach. We are to teach by inspired questions and are receiving training this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in wiamea.
I find tracking pretty fun, as we had walked to someones door they came out and started chewing us out and to get off his property. In the mean time it was as if someone was dropping buckets of water down for rain. So we walked out from his covering that protected us from the rain and then his wife came out. I thought she was going to calm her husband down, but I thought wrong she was worse and started calling the cops on her phone. I thought it was pretty funny and gave her a big loving smile and continued on in the rain.
The next day at church, Bro Aina the secretary pulled me aside and said that she called and wanted our information of where we live and our names so she could report us in. We busted up, saying if the cops wont even come out to do a drug bust what makes her think they come and talk to us. So it's been a pretty interesting week and I thoroughly love missionary work. I can't explain all the small and large things I'm learning. As I gain a life time of experience in these next two years.
Thank you for all your prayers and support!
Love Elder Gardner

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