22 November 2010

22 November 2010

Aloha to the World,

First thing I wanted to share with all of you is Happy Thanksgiving. Especially being on a mission and seeing how lucky I am, and thankful I am for the things that I had in my life. The list can definitely go on and I'm sure all of yours can too. What a great Holiday to set a time to give thanks, and most importantly give thanks to the Lord.
Something interesting that I ate this week was rabbit. Sorry for all those who are rabbit lovers. But it actually tasted pretty good, a mix between beef and chicken.
This week we had what's called a mission tour where one of the General Authorities come and teach each zone to there needs. It's hard to explain what he taught us over email but I can tell you it was great inspiration. We've already put it into play and have seen results. Of course though, it's revelation from our Heavenly Father. The General Authorty and his wife who came were Elder & Sister Pipper. During this time it was next to the Kona temple so I was able to at least get to see it again and take some pictures.
For the Zone we had one big transfer where every companionship is broken up into different area's to build zone unity and learn from other missionaries. The zone leader Elder Condiff came with me as I stayed in my area. So I got to show him our area and how it is run. Although the coolest part is the Elder Condiff and I are the only 2 red heads in the mission and we were companions! (red heads United). It's always great to learn from other missionaries and see how they teach.
The most exciting thing that happened this week is the Laie Temple Dedication on Oahu. We were able to have it broadcasted to our chapel and I was able to be apart of it and see another temple dedication. Though this time it made a lot more sense as I was able to understand the meaning behind everything. Something I'll never forget.
That's about all the happened this week. I can't believe another week as gone by. The day's of the week just seem to blend together. But I can definitly see why everyone calls it the best two years. But rather I like to see it as the best two years for my life.

I love you all,
Elder Gardner

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