19 August 2012

Welcome Home Elder Gardner (ahem..Flint)!

Elder Flint Gardner is coming home this Friday! WHOOT WHOOT
His homecoming report will be THIS Sunday, August 26 at 11:00am. The address is 1800 W Springwater Dr. (800 S).
Here are some last pictures before he leaves the Islands!

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  1. Mahalo, thank you, for sharing Elder Gardner with us for two years. He came to us here on Kauaʻi just a few months ago and our lives, my life, has been richer for it. I will miss him. Heʻs an outstanding young man with much maturity for his age. Heʻs a people person and will go far....as far as he wishes to go...in life and in the church. I hope to see him again, here on our island paradise.

    With much love and aloha,
    Sister Colett Welch