22 March 2011

21 March 2011

Aloha Everyone
Another week in the books to look back on with a smile. This week was exciting in being able to take part in something most people can't. On Wed our zone went to Pear Harbor to do some service and clean the U.S.S Missouri. Afterwards we were given a special tour down in the ship where we got to see the engine, and boiler rooms. I give those men who had to work in there a lot of credit! In the boiler room it was usually around 125 degrees. Then It amazes me to see how intricate everything is put together. There were over 18 tons of blue prints to put the battle ship together. truly mind blowing to see such a creation even before the computers were prominent. So that was an exciting part this week to get a tour of the U.S.S Missouri where most can't go.
It's always an adventure to go teaching, as it's never the same. Like this week when we went over to teach an investigator. After teaching about the restoration she shared a little experience with me. She shared with us about her past when she felt like she was in tune with the spirit and God. She stated over and over that she never shares this cause everyone says she's crazy, but she felt like she needed to share it with us. One time she was praying specifically about an answer she needed to make a major decision on what to do in the military. And as she asked about each specific route she was thinking to take she would listen to how she felt looking for an answer from God. All of the solutions she asked God about she felt nothing except one as she shared that she felt such an indescribable feeling. Like as if she was burning with in and she took it as an answer from God.
You can just imagine our faces along with the member we brought along. We hadn't once talked about how we can receive answers from our prayers. We had only just began the lesson and she shared this with us. She then went on saying about how she hates sharing that because everyone laughs at her and make a mockery out of her. But we on the other had were astonished with the biggest grin on our faces estactic to share with her that we too have had the same experience and to go on in further detail of where those feeling come from and what they mean. You can only imagine how strong the spirit was the entire lesson. What an exciting experience to help others to come to a greater understanding of God and to feel his presence.
Thanks for all that you do for me. Have a great week!
Love Elder Gardner.

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