07 March 2011

7 March 2011

Brothers and Sisters, ALOHA!
What an exciting new week as every week brings. I'm now getting in adjustment to the complete opposite area type. About every 10 people I talk to here in Mililani, I would have normally talked to 1 person in Ka'u ha. I'm also starting to get back into the pace of Oahu which is a lot like the mainland, rather then the laid back go as I feel like and enjoy life in the country. But I love it.
I actually enjoy riding the bikes now that I my seat isn't causing uncomfort. Plus all the weight I've gained the last 6 months is slowly disappearing! Then again I haven't shown up to so many door steps with waterfalls falling down my cheeks for all the sweat. I'm pretty sure I can qualify at the bike shop by our pad due to 6 flats the last 2 weeks ha. Elder Mecham and I got really acquainted with each staff member as they laughed every time we came in to get a new inter tube. Finally we found the problem and got it fixed so we're riding with style now with our beautiful helmets. Just like when I was a kid riding around the block, yet I wouldn't wear the helmet like I do now ha.
We had some good moments as we were teaching a family and had dinner before them. After talking some story for a good while, the mother asked us what was the worst foods we have eaten. So I named a few like, blood meat, pig's feet, etc... Then my companion gets all passionate about how he had the worst experience when a member took them out to eat at a vegan restaurant in Mikiki. I guess I should of for warned my companion that they were vegetarians before we went over. I lost it, I couldn't help but to allow my face to turn bright red and laughed inside my sleeve. The whole family had big grins as we all looked at each other, knowing that my companion had no idea what was going on. Soon after the mother adds,"well, I don't use meat when I cook..." He felt so embarrassed and for the next 10 mins he triesto get out of the hole he dug by saying that it wasn't the food just the cooks were really bad that day. Oh Elder what shall we do. What a great journal write that I thought to share with you.
This week really focused on teaching all the members so we could get to know them better. But we also focused as all we always do to find new sons and daughters of God, our brother's and sisters to teach them about our unique message. So after a good hour or more of talking to everyone we saw and knocking on some beautiful doors we headed back to our bikes to our next appointment. Lo and behold my bike was out of commission ( this was before we found the problem). We pulled it off the the side so we could call a member to give us a lift back to our pad. Just then after calling a Yukon comes around the corner and slams on the brakes. Then from the middle of the road she starts to call us over and we began talking. Come to find out she's been talking to member in the military (everyone in Mililani is in the military) and has become very interested. She couldn't of asked better sincere questions that we have answers to at the tips of our finger. What an answer to our prayers. What if I hadn't had a flat tire? Maybe I would of missed her?
Well...that's some of the highlights of my exciting week. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for all the support and prayers
Love you all
Elder Gardner

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