02 February 2012

2 February 2012

We got a phone call this last week from Flint's Mission President.  It was a wonderful call.  He is making him an AP staring this Tuesday.  In that Mission they have 2 sets of AP's.  The first set is in the Mission Office and helps the President.  The second set is called Traveling AP's which is what Flint was called to do.  He and His companion will travel around the whole mission doing training in splits to help reach a higher level of missionary work.  He will fly out every Sunday Night to an area/Island work with that area and fly home (home will be in a double wide trailer with the other AP's across the street from the Mission Office) Friday night.   Sunday he will attend church with the other AP's in Honolulu and then fly out again Sunday night to another area.  The Mission President said that it was a very rigorous schedule and he will be exhausted.    He will see all of the Hawaiian Islands.  He was so nice he said Flint had the respect of all the Elders in the Mission and he only sends the best of the best.  So as parents we are grateful for his dedication to the Lord.

It's been amazing to see how far Nisha has come from when I first met her now that she is Baptized.   She truly has a completely different spirit about her! All her friends keep asking us, "what did you do to her, she's so open, happy, and engaging." And because of this great example she's portraying, She's now brought 5 of her friends to be actively taught by us missionaries. 2 of them have a baptismal date. What a person I'll never forget, along with the elect, "ayuko Takabayashi" She was a great baptism to finish the transfer.
Elder Gardner

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