18 August 2010

Entering the MTC

Today at 1:00pm, Flint entered the MTC. Mom, Dad, Tina, Coral and Steel dropped him off with many happy tears. Angie, Craig and their family had already left for Washington, but said their good-byes on Sunday, the day of his farewell.

Flint had requested to eat at Cafe Rio one last time before leaving, which is ironically the same place Craig ate the day he went into the MTC.

Passing down the phone. Coral is excited to get Flint's old phone, Steel wishes he could have Flint's phone and Tina....just glad she gets to keep her phone.

Tina and Flint

Flint and Mom

Coral and Flint

Last hugs for Flint and Steel

Dad and Flint

Last time in his room, and walking through the front door...okay, last time for the next 2 years!

So long, farewell, we love you! You will be a great missionary!

Setting apart as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
The day started early. Flint was set apart at 7:15 a.m. with Pres. Stoddard. Now officially a missionary he was at our side. We enjoyed sharing our feelings with each other and Flint bore his testimony.

We ate breakfast at home and took some pictures in the back yard of the family. Angie, Craig, Jack and Clara were in our thoughts in Washington. Flint finished packing most of his things last night. Today he rearranged items in his suitcase and put the final items away. It was a wonderful solomen day. A day that seemed to never end.....

Duane gave Flint a Father's Blessing and we visited as a family for sometime, It was a sweet and tender moment. Then off to Cafe Rio where Flint wanted to eat one last time. No one was hungry though. We nibbled and visited.......
The day still continued.......
We came home and no one wanted to leave Flint's side. We all just sat in the family room while Flint rested on the couch.....the day still continued.....we all knew the time would come......it came slow.....we wanted it to move along faster.....but did we?

The drive to the MTC was long Flint was very excited and ready to move on. He had prepared himself for this moment all his life and now here it was. We all knew he needed to go. I thought it would be easy to let go but I was wrong.......

Driving away I realized that the boy I knew was gone and he would come back a man. I would miss those long late night talks, sharing of text messages, cleaning the kitchen together and just letting him make me laugh....but I knew it must be. He is doing the Lord's work and he is so happy and excited to serve. We are very proud of him and the preparation he has made to be ready. We look forward to his e-mail and to watch his growth.

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