15 August 2010


I have been shown a poem titled, “Jesus My Best Friend” that has really touched my heart, and expresses my testimony about our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Jesus My Best Friend

Fear not dear friend, I'm here for you, your Faith in me will see you through.

Keep my commandments day by day. The Holy Spirit will guide your way.

When trials come, as they surely will. Have hope, and in my peace be still.

With charity to fill your soul, Go forth with strength and self control.

Love one another, help others grow. Angels will help you, as onward you go.

Praise God for blessings great and small, And know that he is over all.

-Barbara Bowen-

I know that God and his only begotten son are always there in all of our circumstances of life. That when we have true faith without uncertainty, we are able to become one with god’s purpose and be guided through the Holy Ghost. That we may know how to be effective tools of our heavenly father to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man; and by doing so we get to have people around the world feel of the pure love of Christ. That they might understand all the pieces of the gospel, and feel at peace through the glorious atonement prepared for us before we made our journey to gain a mortal body and to use free agency. Because trials will surely come, but what a blessing they are in our lives if we learn to see that trials are what shape us into who we desire to become. If we ask for more patience with others, God won’t just give it to us; rather He will help us recognize opportunities that will enable us to apply patience.

I’m truly grateful for the blessing I have to be capable of participating in a mission. For I know that I have been called of God to serve in the Honolulu Hawaii Mission.

I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His son and later was able to translate the golden plates into what we call the Book of Mormon and restore once again the true church of God. I know the Book of Mormon to be true as I have been able to experience the spirit touch my heart and testify of Moroni’s challenge. That if we ask God if these things are true, with a sincere heart, with real intent, and faith in Christ. God will Manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I know the importance of the Atonement and the power that it brings into each one of our lives. I have become closer to Christ by exercising that power, as it has brought a complete change in my life, and will bring a complete change in lives to come as we stay close to the gospel. I’m anxious to be able to continue to share what I have been blessed with to several others. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Flint did a wonderful job on his talk and was well prepared. We are so grateful for family and friends who supported him today. Many came, ate and visited. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

Flint with Grandma and Grandpa Gividen

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