29 June 2011

27 June 2011

We had a touching experience with the recent baptism we had last
Friday. As this passed week we had a follow up lesson with her about
how the Holy Ghost works within us. Toward the end of the mission she
shared with us something she recognized as the Light of Christ that
prepared her toward baptism. She shared how a friend has invited her
to stay in the mainland this passed spring and summer. At first she
was stoked to go but afterward she shared how she had this distinct
feeling that she wasn't suppose to go. That something was resisting
her to go with her friend. As a result she followed the prompting and
expressed to her friend that she wouldn't be going with her but will
rather stay back in Hawaii. Well just that next week she met Two new
friends through soccer who are apart of the singles branch we cover.
To make a long story short, those two friend became the pivoting point
of her life as they invited her to listen to the missionaries, and she
now is one of the most recent converts of the church who couldn't be
happier. The exciting part of this all is that she recognized how God
paved the path for her because she listen to the spirit and stayed in
Hawaii. No one knows what would of happened if she went, but we do
know what would of happened if she stayed.
  When I think of missionary work I like to refer to 1 Nephi 8:12-16.
Lehi is a great example of the attitude toward missionary work. In vrs
12 just think of how wonderful the gospel has been in your life and
how it has shaped you. We all have those moments to look back on when
we have partaken the most sweet, the most white, and most desirable
fruit above all other. Whether it was the influence of the atonement
in our life, or just that simple moment in the room feeling the spirit
by a sincere prayer.
  But I love the first thing Lehi does after he partakes of the
fruit, that he casts his eyes around for his family. He looks for
missionary opportunities around him knowing that we are all brothers
and sisters under God who is are loving heavenly father. That as it
states in vrs 14 "they stood as if they knew not whither they should
go." I've really come to find on my mission and as I look back when I
was in Utah that there really are people who want a better life but
don't know where to go to find it. Yet the cool thing is that we do
and we can be that tool in God's hands and answers to searching
   How do we do that? Lehi once again shows how in vrs 15 as he
beckons with a loud voice to come and partake of the fruit. Just by
simple invites to come to church, a family home evening, a dinner to
show we are normal, or ward activities. It's by small and simple
things that brings great things to pass. Just as vrs 16 states as they
came and partook of the most desirable fruit!
   Truly missionary work has brought the greatest happiness in my
life because i've learned  the greatest joy come from the success of
others. What better success can come into a person's life then the
gospel of Jesus Christ and the comfort to know God's perfect plan! I
love all of you and I"m grateful to have seen how the gospel truly
does bless families as we live faithful to what God asks us.
 Love Elder Gardner

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