18 January 2011

17 January 2011

Aloha Everyone,

What an exciting and exhilarating week it has been. Being that this week was transfers my last companion (Matt Killian now) has finished his mission and went back to his family. He left Wed morning, and I have to say it was harder then leaving my family at the MTC. Being with him the last 3 months have brought us closer then just brothers. I guess you could say spiritual brothers bonded together with a unified purpose with the Lord. I'm so fortunate to have been companions with a spectacular missionary that he was and in doing so taught me life long lessons I'll never forget.
On Monday we were eating with one of Elder Killian's Recent Converts who happened to be in the area and wanted to feed us. Though during are time with her, we received a call from our Mission President, Pres. Dalton. So I stepped outside to be able to hear and he informed me that I have been called by the lord to be a trainer for the up coming transfer. All I could say was, "wow." I was with out speech and couldn't believe it. So here I am now training my new companion Elder Pincock who is from Highland Utah around 30 mins away from where I stay.
He's a wonderful Elder and it's fascinating to see how just being out on a mission for around 5 months has brought so much change for the positive. Though I would have to say the first couple days were pretty rocky but as of now we are doing just great together. I'm pretty lucky to have now 3 great companions that I get along with really well.
But the best part about this week would involve reflecting back to my past. For the most I believe most of you heard about my snowboarding accident I had a few years ago where I had to be life flighted to the hospital. Well coming to find out that my companion also has a love for snowboarding, along with his cousin. So on the way back from picking up Elder Pincock from the airport we were talking about snowboarding and my story was brought up. Then the unthinkable happened and we got in a head on collision with another car...ha nah I'm kidding but still the unthinkable was revealed. Elder Pincock's cousin is the one who went of the jump and landed on my neck. They thought that they had killed me after hearing that the paramedics said I was leaking spinal fluid etc...well the story has now been unfolded and It still dazzles me the connection we have ha.
It's truly been a blessing to have the opportunity to train where I have to put my trust in the Lord and see how he truly does bless us when we put him first and are strictly obedient.
I love you all!
Elder Gardner

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