03 January 2011

3 January 2010

Aloha Everyone, 2011!

My first new years here in Ka'u Hawaii. What a difference it is compared to the mainland for the most part. The night first started by eating. Yes of course eating with the Bishop and his family. They feed us like kings like always and we watched them light up hundreds of fireworks. After getting stuffed to da max, we promised a family we were teaching that we'd come to there extended family party as well. So we did just that and got what we expected, tons more food and strongly encouraged us to eat, and eat...well and eat some more. After talkin much story with the locals we went back to the bishops who then feed us dessert, as if we haven't eaten enough? We had to be back at our pad by 9:00. But were we stay is on top of a hill and we can look out and see the whole little town. All that night was a constant blare of fireworks. Though as time winded down, it sounded and turned to a battlefield. Hundred's if not thousands of fire crackers, and cakes ( the ones that fly in the air and explode) set off. But that's not all, all sorts of guns mostly semi auto assault rifles added to the extensive noise that roared through out the streets. Haha what a sight it was. In just seconds the whole town was smothered with smoke like it had just burned down. I felt like @ any minute I might just get hit by a stray bullet. Luckily I didn't ha. But it didn't stop right after the new year started. This went on till the rising of the sun and then the next 3 nights in a row fireworks just keep exploding in the air. So...that was my first experience of having new years in Hawaii. It was radical.

Love, Elder Gardner

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