07 February 2011

7 February 2011

Last week was the best week in personal progression, but now this week was the best week I've ever seen toward success in the area. All our diligence, and and great help from our Heavenly Father has really paid off. It's been a really satisfying, and full filling week as we taught more then double the amount then previous weeks. Some times I feel like my spirit is just going to burst out of me I get to excited! If only all young men would choose to go on a mission. In all though I can't wait to see what this week has to bring and hope to keep up the steady progress. I thought time was flying before but now I seem to forget that I even feel asleep and a new day has arrived.
I really liked what missionary shared with me. He explained that missionaries that compliment there companion's differences and work with there similarities find the most success in companion unity. What great advice that can be implemented in all aspects of life where in be with friends or our spouse. Hopefully I can practice now so it won't be so hard when I'm married.
I don't know if it's my long strides or the habit my dad taught me but I haven't had a companion yet to keep up with my pace of walking. In time...
I recommend not playing basketball with just your bare feet. Last P-day the zone got together to go bowling yet they were closed to wax the floors. And everyone was in the whites and didn't bring casual attire. Well that doesn't stop some missionaries to get a work out. So instead we played some basketball in our whites. We didn't' want to ruin our shoes so we all wore socks or bare feet. Lesson learned, unless you have calaced feet which being a missionary I have none. The next 3 day's was walking on quarter sized blisters. ha.
Thanks for all the letters and support! I love you all
Love, Elder Gardner

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