04 May 2011

2 May 2011

Aloha Everyone!
    I sure hope I have enough time to write all that I want. I didn't think it was possible but once again I have topped my best week. I just had the best week in my life and on the mission. Something I'll never forget and I'll try to put into words to allow you to understand.
    On Easter Sunday all the missionaries in the entire mission had a fast for Miracle May in accomplishing our goal of Vision 100. Along with other ideas to have missionaries step up there game even farther. One being a quote from Elder Nelson from the quorum of twelve apostles stating, "Obedience brings blessing, but Exact Obedience brings Miracles." That statement couldn't of been from correct for us this week. 
   A week from today an investigator of the church, Candra (She was the one we found 2 months ago after I had a flat tire if you remember) called us out of the blue. It had been 4-5 days sense we had last heard from her after we had an incredible spiritual lesson. The only problem she had was that she is and has now deployed today being May 1st. She had to move, still work and all these other military terms she used that sounded like a ton of work we before she got deployed to Arizona. She said that the avg hours of sleep she's had the last week has been 2-3 hours. So I'm sure she was super busy. But in the mist of all this she called to tell us that the last few days the spirit has been so strong that she can't deny it any longer. She straight up said, "I want to be baptized before I leave, what do I have to do?" The rest of the night we were on the phone doing all that we could in all the next day at 2:30 we taught her everything she needed to know before the interview. Then she was interview by our mission president the next day after that and was baptized on Saturday April 30th at 6:00. Though there are several details in the making of this unforgettable experience, it truly was a miracle that i have witnessed before my eyes. Everything seriously fell into place between her schedule and the support of the ward and our leaders. No words can express the intensity of the spirit as she came out of the water of baptism and received one of God's most precious gifts, the Holy Ghost. What a remarkable week it has been, and how grateful I am to have chosen to go on the mission. For those whom I have recently heard that have chosen to go on a mission. I say HOORRAAAHH for you! You will never regret all the hard work it takes and the lasting ever so expanding knowledge and inspiration gained on a mission!
    I shared last week about the man who completely changed his life and set that example for another person. Well that other person who became interested in the gospel by that man's example felt the spirit so deeply in our lesson that she wants to be baptized May 28 if not sooner. The spirit works in wonders, but it all started by an example. 
   Thanks for all the great letters, I love you all. Never forget our purpose on this life that inspires us to overcome mountains.

Love Elder Gardner

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