09 May 2011

9 May 2011

Aloha Everyone!
     I'm sure to your surprise that this week didn't top last week. Something incomprehensible would be the only thing that can beat last week, so I'll get praying on that. I just have a thought to share this week.
      when in sacrament meeting, contemplating and reflecting about how the atonement has given me an added measure of strength to accomplish Heavenly Fathers will. But also comparing to other time when on my mission when I was still being just as diligent in my obedience. Yet I would feel there incredible lows that wanted to bring me down to exhaustion, or whatever it was that I can't explain.
       In my reflection during sacrament meeting these thoughts came to my mind. That sometimes throughout or life we must experience these difficult lows even in the mists of our highest dedication to the gospel.  That there are greater reasons that I don't fully comprehend but I feel that these lows are for us to come closer to Christ sacrifice and Atonement.
       Jesus Christ Suffered to Understand us individually. But we too must suffer to understand more fully our savior and redeemer. Therefore as a result we come to a greater and deeper appreciation to the vast meaning of the atonement.
        So I've learned to take these moments in my life as like breaking down a great stumbling block in our life in order for us to progress and grow. Just something that I wanted to share that meant a lot to me.
     Well I guess this week actually was fantastic cause I got to call my family! Sadly my voice hasn't gotten any lower as they say so they were able to recognize my 808 area code call. Thanks so much for everything. I wish the best to all of you.
Elder Gardner

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